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comment to be added

Where is that picture of Paul's gf by the way?


you were never off.

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! you butt =)

i would never take you off silly

I added you, add me back?

it's skanky_rabbit.
if you want to, add me.
this is my new journal.

i was wondering where you went. added dearest.

Adding you, add_me style.

you seem interesting, so i added you =)

thanks! you seem interesting too, so i added you back. how'd you find my journal?

how are we friends in real life and not on lj?!?


i have no idea. added youuuuuu.

can we be friends?

that above comment was me by the way. mindy. i'd like to be friends. thanks. love mindy :-)

you may remember me from such journals as sweet__insanity or shesmiserable.
... they have been deleted.
add this one! cos you love me.... =)?

added because i do love you. i do.

i'm russian
i can't sleep this night
today i'll arrive to cathedral in poland
i want feel myself much better than i am

i'm american.
i probably won't sleep tonight either.
i wish i were going to be in a cathedral in poland tomorrow. i haven't really traveled anywhere in a long time.
i hope you feel better. smile & maybe you can convince your body that you're really happy.

i guess u r pretty interesting person
so that i added u.

i created an account just for you! woohoo! so you better add me!


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