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Where is that picture of Paul's gf by the way?

She's pretty cute, but not as cute as you.

hahahaha, YEA RIGHT. thanks, but she's way prettier than i'll ever be.


you were never off.

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! you butt =)

i would never take you off silly

I added you, add me back?

it's skanky_rabbit.
if you want to, add me.
this is my new journal.

i was wondering where you went. added dearest.

Adding you, add_me style.

you seem interesting, so i added you =)

thanks! you seem interesting too, so i added you back. how'd you find my journal?

i got to the point the other day where i did random searches, and yours cameup!

how are we friends in real life and not on lj?!?


i have no idea. added youuuuuu.

can we be friends?

that above comment was me by the way. mindy. i'd like to be friends. thanks. love mindy :-)

yessssssss. i added you dear.

you may remember me from such journals as sweet__insanity or shesmiserable.
... they have been deleted.
add this one! cos you love me.... =)?

added because i do love you. i do.

i'm russian
i can't sleep this night
today i'll arrive to cathedral in poland
i want feel myself much better than i am

i'm american.
i probably won't sleep tonight either.
i wish i were going to be in a cathedral in poland tomorrow. i haven't really traveled anywhere in a long time.
i hope you feel better. smile & maybe you can convince your body that you're really happy.

i guess u r pretty interesting person
so that i added u.

i created an account just for you! woohoo! so you better add me!

spoonies let's be lj friends


Смотреть порно (

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